Nursing Services

  • Nursing Services

Pride ‘N’ Living home care has as part of its team, highly skilled nurses with vast experience in managing and delivery care to our many clients. Or Nurses are involved in treating patients, providing emotional support, educating people on medical conditions, giving advice to patients, their families and relatives. In addition to these duties, they also record the patient’s symptoms and their medical history. Furthermore, they perform and analyze the test results of diagnostics. Apart from these works, they also teach patients and families regarding post treatment health care at home.

Our Nurses are an integral part in the medical team and play a critical role in the care of patients. Listed services provided by our Nurses are as follows:

• Act as the primarily caregivers and are the first point of contact for our clients
•They monitor and track the patient’s vital signs, perform procedures like IV placement, help them in different tests and also administer medications
•They must keep track of a client’s progress and enter the data in the client’s care report
•They develop the day-to-day nursing care plans, and guide families and PCA’s on how to provide care after a client has been discharge.
•Our nurses provide care at a more personal level and stay at the patient’s home to help them recover

•Our Nurses are compassionate in nature and empathetic to our clients
•Our Nurses are healthy and work odd hours
•Our Nurses are tactful, patient, understanding, dependable and posse a desire to help people
•Our Nurses have very good communication skills and work as a part of a team
•Our Nurses are honest and discreet

When in need of Nursing Service please contact us for services.